Locking Fields – Smart Solutions

Once upon a time, there were three Systems Accountants.  The first Systems Accountant wanted to change a field to read only, the second Systems accountant wanted to add a time to a date field and the third Systems accountant wanted to validate a field upon saving.

All three Systems Accountants had completely different setups, but each time the big bad wolf would come and take a huge chunk out of their annual budget to make these customisations.


Then, came along, Little Bo Pink, otherwise known as Embridge… they had experienced the Big Bad Wolf before and had a little trick up their sleeves to help the three Systems Accountants with something called Smart Solutions…

Smart Solutions? I hear you cry!  How can that help the hard pressed and frustrated Systems Accountant, surely there is no such thing as a happy ending?

Well, that is where you are wrong! And the team from Embridge waved their magic wand…

With a little bit of customisation called Locking fields, information held to help with debt collection meant fields where data was inputted could not be changed later on, therefore fulfilling the legal requirements and provided a complete audit trail of information the first Systems Accountant lived happily ever after….

The second Systems Accountant who needed the time adding to the date field, was pleasantly surprised by the price of such magic and the speed in which this customisation was delivered and also lived happily ever after.

And the third Systems Accountant could now use simple logic to validate fields saving the expense and time of big workflow procedures, got a promotion and also lived a long and happy life.

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