As we move into 2018 we know that the hot topics in learning are, VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). These may not be accessible to all yet, so what else is out there? Gamification continues to grow as we motivate learners with leader boards and badges as a way of rewarding them. But as these exciting ways of learning start to break through we must not forget those who are still favouring a more traditional way of communicating their learning experience. So, what else can we do to keep up with our learning challenges in 2018. We know that how we share information and learning has changed dramatically with Social Media or Social Learning within our workplace. Organisations want to support the sharing of good practice across the business. The use of in-house social networks is becoming one of the fastest-growing tools for enterprise learning.

Personalised learning refers to an individual’s support and development. You can start with a key development plan or learning journey, using mentors rather than taking one off courses.

Micro learning is still a very hot topic. We know that breaking down our learning into small chunks has been well received. Studies show that we retain more when we learn in bite sized chunks. With our attention spans getting shorter. Learners can take a day long course, or they can watch a short video that teaches one or two things they will remember. The convenience and accessibility of micro learning is set to continue to make an impact in 2018.

What’s Coming Up?

At Glad Solutions we are looking forward to an exciting year ahead, working with our clients and continuing to produce elearning that drives performance and educates your workforce, our collaborations with our parent company Embridge Consulting will see us grow our portfolio in Software Simulation in particular our elearning modules using UNIT4.
We are also looking forward to forging new relationships as we start working on our 2018 pipeline. Our most exciting news is that we have a new product offering which we are soon to announce… so keep tuned in for this. Until then we look forward to the challenges that 2018 brings. We would love to hear from you with your elearning needs.

Here’s to Happy Learning and an interactive New Year from the elearning team at Glad Solutions.

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