Mark Aaron Charity Walk

With the charity walk looming up fast, some of the Embridge walking squad felt it prudent to get some urgent training in before the big day, so on Sunday, 3 Embridge gals limbered up and hit the Kent countryside. Easing ourselves in gently was the plan. A 6 mile walk to test the legs.  Not terribly ambitious considering the actual challenge will be an epic 16 MILES, but we had to start somewhere.

We had excitable Jane M ready to go in her legwarmers and Mr Zeus hat.

Sahra ‘oo arr just a little bit’ Gina G, looking the part but wishing she hadn’t signed up.

MD, Emma O, feeling a little jaded following a late night, but armed with gallons of water and entirely responsible for talking us all into this madness had no other choice but to look enthusiastic.

And so we battled through the artic conditions (for Spring anyway!), waded through public footpaths of ankle deep mud and took a few unnecessary detours, courtesy of Jane M who looked very miffed at the suggestion of returning the way we came!

Who even does that??? Lets just take the quickest route back – right?

Consequently, w​​​​e saw horses, bunnies, bluebell woods and even got up close and personal with the roaring A2 for half a mile (that was the low point!), but eventually we found ourselves on the home straight…….

5 hours later!

6 miles my foot? 14.95 miles to be precise! With Emma at the helm, I don’t even know why were surprised when we totted up the GPS miles, as we sat exhausted and unable to string a sentence together in her kitchen. Exhausted, but elated, we marvelled at our unexpected achievement.​

So, we want to say a GREAT BIG thank you to all the kind and generous folk that have already kicked off the donations. You have made a brilliant dent in our target already and I hope you feel like you have already got your monies worth!

Technically, (and unintentionally!) some of us will be completing the distance twice come the 18th May, so please feel free to sponsor us all over again! We are attempting to raise £5000 and plenty of awareness for a little known charity, 20-20 Voice following the passing of Mark Aaron, a husband, father, son and dear friend & colleague in 2017.

The charity offers support, information, guidance and essential medical equipment to sufferers and families of throat, neck and head cancers.

Spread the word and help us to raise wads and wads more cash?

It’s easy!

Just click on the Embridge Giving link and donate what you can. Big or small, it all helps, whether its the loose change from down the back of the sofa, or that £5 you will spend on tomorrows newspaper and latte – you’re going to help make a difference.

10 intrepid Embridge walkers will march in 18 days for 16 miles, come rain or shine! We appreciate all your support. THANK YOU!

Support our walkers for 20-20 Voice Cancer

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