Congratulations! You’ve decided to use elearning for your latest training needs. You’ve now got the choice between bespoke elearning or off the shelf solutions. Wait! You’d be wrong to just reach for the off the shelf product making the assumption it’s easier and cheaper. Here are 7 myths about bespoke elearning that we want to bust before you make your choice. You may be surprised.

Myth 1: Bespoke Elearning is more expensive

It’s easy to assume that anything tailor-made will come with a hefty price tag. It’s true that if you’re training a small number of people, the license fees for off the shelf courses are usually cheaper than the development fee for bespoke elearning. But if you have to train a significant number of people, bespoke elearning does normally cost you less. The reason for this is that bespoke elearning usually carries a one-off development fee. Off-the-shelf elearning is usually licensed-based with the fees increasing the more users you have, and fees are usually recurring.

Myth 2: Bespoke elearning takes a long time to develop

Yes, off the shelf solutions are available instantly, so maybe it seems like a no-brainer that it would be the outright winner on this point. However, it’s worth noting that when you work with an experienced elearning developer, you will benefit from ‘rapid development’. For example at GLAD we can whip up bespoke elearning from scratch in anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months for most projects. As a result you’d be wrong to shelve the idea of bespoke elearning if you need something done to a set time frame, unless that time frame is now!

Myth 3: Off-the-shelf elearning will contain the best content

Off-the-shelf elearning will contain generic scenarios and content to appeal to all markets. The problem with this is that the content is not as impactful to learners. It is far better to create bespoke content so that the elearning is immediately relevant to your learners. You want to ensure scenarios, case studies, questions, references to policies, tone of voice, branding, and so on all reflect your organisation. With a bespoke offering, you can ensure that scenarios reflect situations that your employees may encounter during their roles, making the learning much more meaningful and engaging.

Myth 4: You need to write your own content for bespoke elearning

You may think that bespoke elearning is going to be quite labour intensive for you and your organisation, due to needing to allocate time and resource to write the content for the course. However, any reputable elearning provider has their own content authors whose sole purpose is research the course topic. Here at GLAD, our content authors research and write course outlines and storyboards, designing scenarios and content that is uniquely relevant for your precise needs. Once the decision has been made to go bespoke, you can leave it to the experts, kick back and relax.

Myth 5: You need to find a company that specialises in your sector

You may think that you need to find an elearning company who specialises in your industry. But that will limit your choice of vendor and you may not be able to find a specialist at all. At GLAD, we specialise in elearning; that’s our expertise. As experts in creating brilliant elearning that engages learners, we are used to researching new content for your elearning courses. These skills mean that over the years we have produced brilliant content for all sorts of sectors including finance, oil and gas, railway, legal, public sector, telecommunications, healthcare and so many more.

Myth 6: Bespoke elearning is expensive to maintain and keep up to date

Think elearning is expensive to maintain? This isn’t the case (if you pick the right provider!) When you choose GLAD for your elearning, we are mindful to write it the content in a way that means it’s not necessary to constantly issue updates. For example, we are careful not to make our content statistic heavy as these are always changing. We also offer free minor amendments for 6 months after go live. Not something all providers would do. We also give our clients access to the source files to make their own amendments. Again, not all providers will offer this, so it’s always worth checking.

Myth 7: Bespoke is always better than off the shelf elearning

Whilst we are obviously big fans of bespoke elearning, we acknowledge that there are times when an off-the-shelf solution would be the best fit for your project. In general, we’d recommend that you carefully consider off-the-shelf for when:

  • You have a smaller training group and so only need a small number of licenses
  • You need your training immediately
  • There is no advantage to the subject matter being customised for your organisation or industry
  • You are looking to train your users in mass-adoption software, such as Microsoft Office

If you’re looking for more hints and tips to navigate the world of elearning, follow us on Twitter @GLADSolutions or sign up to our newsletter.

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