As a recognised Unit4 Systems Integrator partner, we provide extremely experienced consultants across a wide range of clients to deliver solutions design, implementation, technical services, training, remote consultancy, Managed ERP support, integration services, reporting and post implementation/upgrade advice.

With our unique approach for offering an extensive range of end to end services, we are always seeking new ways to improve the customer experience and here at Embridge, we positively revel in stepping outside the box, challenging the status quo and discovering innovative new ways to compliment and enhance our services.

Introducing Smart Solutions!

Our Smart Solutions service has grown from a desire to provide our customers with packaged solutions that will deliver great results quickly without the expense of complex bespoke customisation. We have a set of pre-configured smart options that can be purchased for your implementation, with the aim to resolve minor but strategic issues in your organisation. With our Unit4 accredited team of developers we can develop apps, small customisations and reporting solutions to give your business the edge. With 9 to choose from and others being developed, we’re confident that at least one of our Smart Solutions is going to make you smile!

Smart Reporting Finance and Project Management

Embridge have developed a suite of reports that allows your business leaders to have a holistic view of their business in a single Excel workbook. It can be designed for project managers, cost centre managers or in theory any level of the organisation, and can analyse resourcing, leave bookings, timesheet analysis, profitability, debtors, purchase orders, cross entity/ cross business group working, by resources, utilisation, pipeline, retentions etc. Our reporting solution can be tailored to each organisation to provide KPIs that result in decisions and provides your managers with the information they need at the touch of a button. We have even built some graphs into the pack for some customers to provide a graphical view of performance.

Smart Reporting HR

Every month, HR teams across the world scrabble around trying to pull statistics and graphical presentations together for monthly board meetings. Our HR reporting Smart Solution (tailored to each organisation, and representing the key metrics required) can provide the HR department with summaries, statistics and graphs to analyse the business by gender, ethnicity, age, length of service, team, geographical location, office, line manager, skill set etc. all at the touch of a button. It takes the monthly and time consuming pain of extracting information from the system away from users and produces a report which can then be incorporated directly into the board report.

Optimisation Review & Data Integrity Check

This Embridge Smart Solution gives the organisation a holistic view over its data integrity and identifies important missing data structures. It also reviews many aspects of systems administration to guide the systems admin team as to areas they should be checking on a regular basis. This ensures the smooth running of the system and monitors system changes, by highlighting alterations early enough to reduce issues. It reviews roles, users and connected resources; batch input maintenance along with projects still assigned to employees who have left. It reviews employee balances and many other pertinent aspects of system maintenance that are often overlooked.

SharePoint Integration plugin

U4BW includes document archiving functionality whereby documents such as scanned images are stored in the U4BW database. There is often demand for U4BW to use a common Document Management Solution rather than store items as BLOBS, for documents across the enterprise. With our SharePoint connector, U4BW can seamlessly use SharePoint as your Document Management Solution, thus enabling a business to use common file sharing for all its internal documents and enable access to documents created by the software to all relevant users.

The Master File Loader provides an easy, fast and safe method of migrating huge volumes of data to U4BW. It enables you to bulk import, update and validate master data, as well as associated relations and flexi-fields all in a single step. The Master File Loader uses its own web services to migrate data and generates excel templates based on your current U4BW configurations. All data is thoroughly validated before migration, providing clear and detailed validation messages on any errors produced during the data migration process. The Master File Loader is a tool designed to help users both at implementation stage for data migration and also for managing significant on-going data uploads. It burrows into the masterfiles within any unique implementation and creates a single point of entry to prepare the data to import.

Locking fields on action management

This solution allows organisations to lock certain fields on the action management screen to ensure that once saved, the original record cannot then be subsequently amended. It can only be added to, providing an audit trail of the history.

Google Authenticator

Typically, U4BW allows Single Sign-On (SSO) using Windows Active Directory credentials. If you would also like to use Google Authenticator, we have developed the SSO connector to enable this.

Time sheet import

This clever and user friendly bespoke web service allows you to import timesheet data from external solutions (e.g. 3rd party payroll, or rostering systems) without the need for a complex interface solution. The web service enables this powerful interface to be used by uploading simple spreadsheet (CSV) files.

Web stocktake management

Standard U4BW only provides for stocktake management in the Windows Desktop client. We have written a web-based solution, completely integrated to the U4BW web client, which enables stocktake entry on the web.

Our Smart Solutions team will face any challenge to help you get your system working smarter for you. If you think Embridge Consulting has what it takes to solve your problem and are ready to throw down the gauntlet, email us today at: enquiries@embridgeconsulting.com and let our Smarter Solutions take the strain.

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