For a long time, we have relied on traditional classroom-based training to train employees. We believe that classroom training sessions form an essential component of a blended learning solution. But elearning in the workplace can be used to increase understanding of processes, adhere to industry regulations, improve personal development and reduce staff turnover. Using elearning gives your employees access to relevant, engaging, just-in-time training.

Understanding Processes

Because your organisation is unique, you need to ensure that staff understand your processes. Elearning is a great way to provide this training, because you can ensure that the message is consistent and accurate. In fact, onboarding elearning can be a great way to introduce new starters to your processes. You can create interactive process maps, or learn-and-discover flow charts to ensure your staff understand your procedures.

Adhere to Industry Regulations

Compliance training is the big topic for elearning courses. From AML to Anti-Bribery, to ethics and code of conduct, all the way to health and safety and equality and diversity, elearning has it covered. Off-the-shelf elearning courses can get you up and running quickly, but a bespoke course is the best solution. By using a bespoke elearning solution, your learners will cover topics relevant to them. They can work through scenarios written and designed to replicate scenarios that they may encounter working for you. Case studies are included which are selected for their relevance to your industry. When it comes to compliance, it is important that your staff understand how regulations apply to them as they carry out their duties.

Improve Personal Development

It is especially important that your staff grow during their time with you. Well-trained staff increase productivity and get more results. Elearning in the workplace should be about more than just ensuring staff understand processes and regulations. Helping staff grow and improve is a great way to get more out of your existing workforce. We have teamed up with business development experts The Results Consultancy to create an elearning series. The Business Development Academy: Elearning Edition informs staff how to improve networking opportunities, close sales, increase their organisation’s reputation and more. You can also develop courses covering other subjects, such as giving and receiving feedback, and managing & supervising staff. The possibilities are endless!

Reduce Staff Turnover

Elearning in the workplace is a great way to provide training to your employees. And training employees is a great way to reduce staff turnover. This is especially true when you implement a learning and talent management strategy. Using a talent management suite such as Cornerstone, along with great training, including classroom and elearning will bring fantastic results. Employees can see a career path, training opportunities and progression within your organisation and will be much more motivated to work towards your organisational goals.

Our takeaway messages

We are often asked why companies should invest in elearning in the workplace. Here are our top messages that we give clients and prospects:

  • Manageable training: good elearning courses are well sectioned, contain natural ‘pause points’ and have a logical linear or branched flow.
  • Consistent feedback and measuring: Well written elearning courses include tests and assessments which provide instant feedback to learners.
  • Just-in-time training: Elearning can be available at any time or day, and allows learners to access the training when they need it the most.
  • Engaging Content: It’s true not all elearning is created equal. But good elearning keeps learners engaged using interactions, well thought-out scenarios and a clear and relevant message.
  • Save on costs: If you need to train large numbers of users, elearning will nearly always save money when compared to classroom training. And you may be surprised to learn that bespoke elearning can be even cheaper than off-the-shelf elearning when you have large numbers to train.
  • Save on time: The industry standard is to assume that one hour of elearning content is equivalent to three hours of classroom training. This means learners can get the same great training but for a third of the time spent – which saves on time away from desks.

There are so many reasons why organisations should consider using elearning, and these are just a flavour of them.

Do you want to implement elearning in the workplace?

You can create elearning courses for your staff using elearning authoring tools. Some are easier to learn and you can develop courses pretty quickly. If you have an immediate need for elearning or want to draw on elearning expert advice, you can consider using an elearning company. Why not contact us today to learn more about how we can help you use elearning to drive your learning and development needs forward. Email us at or call us.

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