New functionality with Gcon4 MFL 5

GCON4 MFL is an innovative, indispensable tool that significantly reduces time to perform data migration and maintenance of the world-class ERP solution, UNIT4 Business World (formerly Agresso).

If you are looking to upgrade Unit4 Business World, or update bulk data then the Gcon4 MFL tool is just what you need.

The Gcon4 MFL version 5 release has been announced and now includes the following new functionality:

What this means is, that we are committed to challenging attitudes towards disability, will provide inclusive and accessible recruitment to all and we are dedicated to supporting existing employees who have or may develop disabilities during their working careers.

Succeeding in business is our top priority, so finding the right people has always been high on our agenda. Removing barriers to disabled people in employment and benefitting from their skills, fulfilling their potential and realising aspirations is an absolute no brainer to us.

We are super proud to be one of thousands of businesses now bridging the gap when it comes to supporting fair and equal treatment, whilst overcoming inequality and discovering a wider talent pool within the disabled community.


You can see the new functionality in our webinar recording

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