Have you ever wondered how much paper you consume during your working life?  No? Well on average the UK consumer uses an average of 4.48 trees of paper, per person every year!

If you find that shocking, check out these time wasting tree chomping statistics – On average, we spend up to 15% of our time reading a printed document, over 50% of that time searching for it, and then photocopying it a staggering 15 times or more!

At Embridge Consulting, we care just as much about the Environment as we do about making your life more efficient, so we looked at ways we could make your life just that little bit easier and help save the planet.

We created Smart Solutions!

Now we’re not saying that you will miraculously reduce your carbon footprint over night, but what our Smart Solution will do, is help you to work more efficiently and smarter, giving you more time to actually visit the Woodlands rather than utilising it in the form of paper!

Our SharePoint Integration tool will revolutionize the way you archive, search and read important information stored in Unit4 Business World.  SharePoint online will become the backbone of your document storage holding all kinds of information from contracts, to invoices, to technical IT documentation that would have originally been stored on-premise taking up valuable resources.

No longer will Bono in the IT department sag under the weight of bulging Unit4 Business World (Agresso) databases, nor spend hours backing it all up, or waste time maintaining it.

Once Adam in HR has processed the payroll through Unit4 Business World (Agresso), Beyonce can now access her payslip directly (through Sharepoint) without even having to login to Unit4 Business World.

And Bill, head of technical, well Bill is happier knowing that his data storage is fully compliant with the latest standards and regulations, it’s reliable with a financially backed 99.9% SLA in place and most importantly it’s  secure, as data transfer is encrypted using  BitLocker and  secured with SSL over HTTP.


SharePoint Integration – Smart Solution

With the SharePoint connector from Embridge Consulting, U4BW ERP can seamlessly use SharePoint Online as your Document Management Solution (DMS), thus enabling your business to use common file sharing for all its internal documents and enable access to documents created by U4 Business World to all relevant users.

If you want to get great results quickly, talk to one of our team today about Smart Solutions  – either call us on (0)1474 338735 or email us here.

Live Webinar | Wednesday Nov 8th | 11:30 UK Time – Approx 1 hour