One solution or two with your coffee

Creating the perfect cup of coffee takes some doing.  You are not born into creating the perfect brew but trained in the art of doing so.

Likewise, when you create a technical app or solution, the recipe is there but needs just a little guidance and tweaking to make what has the grounds to be good, great.

Our Smart Solutions are just that, building on what is otherwise a very good solution and making it better.

Our technical team as you know can work miracles and get U4BW working with your everyday coffee making machine and as normal have been beavering in the background creating little pieces of magic to make your life that little bit easier.

The recipe for a good Monday morning in the making!

Throwing two new smart solutions into the mix we have the Creator suite, part of our Smart Solution range.  Smart Appointment and Smart User creator tools.

Creator Suite

Smart Appointment Creator

Our Smart Appointment tool allows U4 Business World to send appointments via email with an attachment which the user only has to open to accept the meeting.  This is then populated in the user’s calendar.

Let us take Employee reviews as a perfect example of how this works in reality; In the resource Masterfile there is a tab for employee reviews where they record the line manager and the schedule of reviews to be made.

Smart Appointment Creator will be used automatically to create the appointments in both the resource and his/her line manager calendar, sending the email message with the information required.

There are many other useful examples where this solution could be used to great effect based on U4BW data.

Smart User Creator

Our next reality moment encompasses the need to create multiple users; It’s been decided by the Finance Director that everyone in the organisation is to enter timesheets and expenses on U4BW.  Quite a task to manually create a user one by one for your whole company!

Smart User Creator allows administrators to create multiple new users quickly and easily using the CSV template included with the tool.  Saving you a ton of time so you can finally get to drink a hot cup of coffee!

The two solutions can be purchased individually or as part of a package.  For more information on our Creator Suite for Smart Solutions, pop that coffee down and drop us a message to

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