Rather eat wasps than do your month end expenses?

It’s one of THE monthly chores that gets left to the last possible minute, like a tax return hanging over your head and the clock ticking.

So, why IS your expense return the admin process from hell?

  • Time – Other priorities have imminent deadlines
  • Manual entry, incorrect cost centers or inaccurate entries
  • Not being comfortable with the system
  • Losing receipts or not knowing where we’ve filed them
  • Not understanding the process


These are all valid reasons for finding any excuse not to complete them, so how can we address these issues and turn those wasps into the Honeybees of monthly expense returns?


According to Quocirca Research “74% of businesses (still) use spreadsheets, or completely manual processes to do their expenses.”

Until this year, Embridge Consulting did just that, manual expenses using spreadsheets. A time-consuming process for those completing their expenses and even more so for those processing them at the other end. Rectifying inaccurate entries, chasing missing receipts and delays in clarification could add many hours to the monthly expenses process.

With the introduction of Unit4 Business World it was not just a technological change but also a cultural change.  Albeit a simple and easy process, for many, entering information onto a new system was a daunting prospect, one that very few people relished.


Imminent Deadlines

Whilst we can’t help with the other priorities on your task list, we can address those other pain points.


Oops my dog ate the receipt…

Many of us do not go far without our mobile phone, so next time you fill up with fuel, or park at the station, take a quick photo of your receipt – that way when Rover does eat your receipts, you already have a copy on hand to upload or share with your finance team.


To App or not to App?

Time to spare on the commute home, the handy app available for both android and Apple phones means that you can easily enter your expenses on the go, snap a photo of the receipt and it’s done.



Rather than leaving your expenses until the end of the month, try and complete them once a week, or at the end of the day.  That way when that inevitable email hits your inbox you can be smug in knowing you are almost ready to hit send.


No training required?

Perhaps for those people already using U4BW and are comfortable with the interface, then entering expenses is just another screen.  However, for those who have had very little interaction with Business World, it can be very daunting.

People take in information at different rates and different ways, so for one person a quick 1-2-1 session with your administrator may be all it takes, but what about those that only use the system once in a while when they need to reclaim expenses?

Quick cards have been used for years as a way to deliver repeatable training, but have you thought about eLearning?

Having a go-to piece of training available on tap will help those that are new to expenses but also help those that need a recap. It avoids confusion and low morale as people can access training as and when they need it, which is empowering.

By giving your team access to training at a time that suits (available 24×7) and at a pace they can handle, not only cuts down on errors but enhances the user experience and ultimately keeps your team happy and their expenses error-free.

Embridge has an impressive list of U4BW eLearning courses developed specifically for their Unit4 customers, some accessing the courses via their own Learning Management System (LMS), others on a SAAS basis or those via our hosted service.

With all our courses confirming to SCORM and fully supported by our expert team of eLearning experts and developers, there is little reason to leave your team in the dark ages.


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