Recognise And Manage Change Effectively

Improvements to business systems and implementing new ERP solutions both involve change. How well do businesses recognise the importance of this? Change can be a good thing but has to be managed properly. Ignoring it can make or break a project; here are some tips on managing change when implementing new systems.

  1. Recognise Change – Yes it sounds simple, but often organisations don’t recognise that change will happen. Whether it is the simplest of things, or complex global integration; either way, just by recognising that there is cause and effect will allow you to plan how you deal with this.
  2. Clear objectives – What one person thinks is the main objective of a new system, may not align with someone else’s. It’s important that from the start of the project, there are clear objectives and goals. These can adapt and evolve but the relevant people need to be working to deliver the same outcome.
  3. Communication is key – Some people thrive on change, others don’t. When a company’s objective is to be more efficient and effective, change can mean different things to your staff. Having a clear communication plan whether it is to a department, region, or on a global scale, get buy-in from your staff at the start. Internal buy-in can help deliver a successful project.
  4. Global or local? We recognise that to gain efficiency, there should be a standardised approach to business systems. However, ignore at your peril local needs! You may not want to incorporate every need they want, but make sure you LISTEN, any change related project needs buy-in from their staff.
  5. Managing internal and external support – Using consultants can really add value to supporting change management projects. However, it is imperative that we work with your teams so that handovers are smooth and effective. Ensuring that staff understand what they need to do throughout the change, and have enough knowledge and learning to continue once the project completes.

If you need support with a project or want a better understanding of how to recognise and manage change, let us know. Click here for some examples of our recent projects.


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