Say Hello to 2021 and Wave Goodbye to 2020

Wow! We made it! Mostly intact, a little ragged around the edges, but feeling invincible. Embridge Consulting has survived a real-life, worldwide pandemic and my goodness are we feeling grateful to have not only made it to the end of 2020, but have actually found ourselves jumping over the finishing line into 2021 with gusto!

Adios 2020!

As we enter a new year, Embridge is throwing off the ball and chain of 2020, and approaching the new year with great optimism and energy. However, we cannot help but reflect on what 2020’s unique story presented, as the chaos unravelled following the announcement of a national lockdown in Spring of last year.

When the gates of normality closed last March, we faced a threat that was unforeseen and most frighteningly, invisible. With our offices compelled to close, we could not create physical barricades against the indiscriminate viral threat that approached and so had to act logically and with common sense whilst ensuring our troops were kept safe, as we reconciled a plan of action to keep the virtual doors of Embridge firmly open.

Confronted with the same difficult decisions that every other business was up against, internally we reviewed expenditure, processes, and ways of working, alongside burgeoning activities to ensure the transition was as smooth as possible from the real world into the virtual. For both the team and our clients, it was imperative business would continue as the ‘new normal’, and while we buckled down and took a deep breath, slowly but surely, we rose to the challenge.

Thank You! to our Team and Clients

Although a handful of projects were temporarily put on hold in the beginning as local authorities found their feet, the vast majority of projects pushed on through and without hindrance. Our magnificent team were the gift that just kept giving. Incredibly challenged, they remained motivated, dedicated, and full of determination and commitment, with every member of the Embridge personnel making their mark. Pulling together ensured our excellence in service delivery never faltered.

A truly phenomenal achievement given the challenges faced, but which also highlighted what an incredible and special team we have created and managed to maintain during the crisis.

I want to say a huge thank you to our amazing clients, who against all the odds have never lost faith. Forming new relationships virtually and working in unbelievably difficult situations entirely remotely saw the bar being raised far beyond that which we ever imagined; your continued support throughout, and steadfast confidence in our ability to deliver has shone through. Without you, our future would have been very bleak indeed. We hope that we have proven that for as long as this pandemic blights the globe, Embridge will never give up on delivering its very best service

Emma O'Brien

CEO, Embridge Consulting (UK) Ltd

The Embridge Pandemic Response Team

At the beginning of the maelstrom, Embridge set up a Pandemic Response Team which was dedicated to ensuring the well-being of all our team members. Putting the right support mechanisms in place to help provide consistency, continuity, and assistance to every member of our staff, communicating crucial and vital information internally and externally, and safeguarding our team and our clients in any reasonable way we could, was crucial from the outset. If the team were safe, we could determine the right strategy to keep our doors open.

Measures taken included:

  • ensuring all staff had the correct equipment for comfortable home working
  • risk and impact assessments were completed with each member of staff to assess if they or their loved ones were at risk and what could be put in place to help should the worst happened
  • offering flexible hours to accommodate home schooling
  • initiating internal virtual coffee mornings to keep the team connected
  • introduction of Embridge Fit Classes held virtually and open to all
  • weekly social quizzes to distract the mind from what was raging outside our front doors
  • full pay during sickness absence for anyone infected with COVID and unable to work because of the virus
  • up to the minute latest advice as it was and still is released by the government.

As Embridge looked out for its staff, staff looked out for each other, both inside and outside of working hours, making sure that the right support is exactly where it is needed with the ever changing circumstances. Not a single job has been lost over the past 10 months because of COVID and against all the odds, come 2021 we have even recruited more!

Virtual Christmas Team Gathering

Not even a global pandemic can stop The Embridge Christmas Party Train! Well known for our legendary Xmas gatherings, this year was no exception and we pulled off a brilliant virtual day which included a much anticipated team meeting followed by a team building activity. We had a fabulous day full of Christmas spirit, including a grand Embridge Christmas present box opening moment for all, a fun online virtual escape room game for some much needed team building and reconnecting, an awards ceremony recognising individual achievements and all this topped off with a few festive beverages and a wistful wander down memory lane, sharing all our old Christmas party photos and videos to remind us that this darn pandemic is just an unwelcome and Santa willing, short lived blip!

And so to 2021!

Despite the obstacles thrown at us over the past few months, we have not only settled down to the new normal of working, but achieved some significant wins during 2020, including working with 72 different organisations whilst also securing 42 new customers.

Increased business commitments and a titanium pipeline means we needed more bums on virtual seats and our recent recruitment drive has seen us take on 4 new permanent staff members since the start of the 2021, including:

  • Wendy Henry joins the SMT as the Head of Business Change & Digital Adoption
  • Steve Willettsjoins the Sales Team as Sales Account Manager
  • Rob Wilton – joins us in the Managed ERP team as a Remote Consultant
  • Mark Ridyard – joins us as an HR & Payroll Lead Consultant in the Professional Services Team

Doubling our associate base to assist with project delivery has been essential and beyond this we are still on the hunt for new recruits. With things set to stay the same for the next few months when it comes to keeping the country safe, we have adapted our stance and continue to review the situation in preparation for what might or might not come next. You can be assured, that it will take much more than a worldwide pandemic to floor us!

Looking Ahead

For a new year, (let’s park 2020 forever) we have hit the ground running at lightning speed. With new projects coming out of our ears, it is heads down and business as usual, but just ever so slightly more busy and still virtual!

Sheer determination, tenacity, and commitment from our team who are willing to go above and beyond expectations in order to get the job done, will continue for as long as needs be. With the gleaming golden vaccination beacon beckoning us, one by one over the coming months, it won’t be long until we can cast off the heavy cloak of Covid19 and return to the, lovely and deliciously wild ‘old normal’! Hoorah!

So c,mon Covid, if you think you’re hard enough! Try as you might, Embridge Consulting remains upright and ready to fight the good fight, continuing its good work in the name of digital transformation and remember…

The day when we can stop saying ‘you’re on mute’ is definitely nearer than it was yesterday 😊

Please stay safe.

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