September is GLAD month.  Join us for a month of learning! Throughout September we will be holding a number of free webinars, free mini U4 virtual sessions, special offers on training and eLearning bundles and the main event, our open day in our SouthPoint office in Crawley.

You’ve landed on this page which suggests you want to know more about learning!

Act I, our Global Learning and Development service

We sit within this amazing team at Embridge, GLAD! This service not only covers eLearning but a whole range of learning needs to help both you and your employees upskill.  Our learning aims to be engaging for all levels, so take your seats whilst we perform and cover the implementation of new software; training in the area of soft skills and a variety of other non-system training.

Engaged? Good!

Learning is our main act and, for those of you that use Unit4 Business World (UBW) our performance provides an engaging learning experience for all your employees. This knowledge transfer will enable and empower them to use the system to the best of their ability.  Now we may not be able to teach them ringside tricks however, the functionality of the system to enable them to work efficiently and effectively with the software is our favourite skill.

Need more support? This is great complemented by a range of elearning modules that your employees can refer to at any time. Did we also mention these can be hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS)? Whether you want to host elearning on your own LMS or need a solution, our services can perform!

Non-UBW training includes compliance, GDPR, well-being, leadership, coaching, health and safety and a surplus of other organisational impact subjects. WOW.


Act II, our understanding

We understand that people learn in a variety of different ways and, it is our job to ensure that our training programmes use a variety of methods and styles to perform all these needs. These include face-to-face training, on-the-job support, course material and presentations, elearning/microlearning and video.

If these acts don’t give you the thrill of learning then please pop them down whilst our acts perform at the open day! Doughnuts are amazing!

Delve into our thrilling interactions and let’s upskill your organisation together.

We look forward to discussing any queries you have around learning and hope you will enjoy our sample acts!

In the meantime, why not look around our site? The links to our free webinar sessions below will take you deep into our world of training and have your head spinning with ideas to talk to us about in no time!

Register now for these free web sessions:

Creating Flexifields In Unit4 Business World 
A mini web session outlining how to create flexi-fields in Business World.

Animation in learning
Exploring how short animation videos can add a buzz around learning for your organisation.

Creating Dashboards in Unit4 Business World
A mini-training session about Dashboards in Business World.

What online learning can do for you
A look at online learning and how it can benefit individuals and organisations and what we can offer to help you get started or enhance your current learning.

Compliance elearning
Compliance training doesn’t need to be boring! A look at how compliance elearning can be affordable and efficient in keeping your team up to date and can even be engaging!!!

Hosting elearning via Cognito
A walkthrough of our hosted solution. An affordable way to make your training available to your people with the ability to track and record their progress.

Intro to Business World Modeler and Org Charts
Get to know Modeler and organisational charts in this mini web session.

Act III, catch up with us over coffee! – Open Day

We are the elearning team and we’re based in Crawley, West Sussex. On th19th September we are literally opening the doors to the office and inviting you to come and visit.

Neat right? And yes, there will be coffee and maybe doughnuts (everyone loves free cake right!?).

Drop in during our session times on Thursday 19th September to look through our samples on a variety of topics. From compliance to wellbeing to leadership – there is something to suit everyone.

Not sure we can help with your needs from the topics above? Don’t be afraid to ask us for anything you do not see on offer! We are bespoke specialists and can work with any content to bring your organisation’s training to life.

Register to attend our open day in Crawley.

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