Set up for UK-PAY Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme V20200417 in Unit4

Unit4 has released guidance on how to set up Unit4 Payroll for employees that have been Furloughed and how to build the P&Ds.

Setup of Furlough in Unit4 Business World

Unit4 has recently released guidance and documentation relating to employees that are Furloughed. It explains how these employees can be marked to indicate they have been Furloughed and how to build the P&Ds that will calculate the following:



Furlough Pay (if employees pay varies)


Furlough Pay (if employees pay is fixed)


NI Employers value that can be reclaimed


Pension Employers value that can be reclaimed


Total Furlough pay reclaim amount for employee


Furlough Pay adjustment P&D

The guidance also contains Browser configuration details.  The reference manual is intended to be as a generic as possible as each customers setup and circumstances are different. The P&Ds can be amended to fit your needs.

It’s a fairly complex build and can be outscoured to Embridge Consulting Payroll team to complete this on your behalf.  

We anticipate that the work will take around 11.25 hours to complete and will be billed on the basis of our Application Support rate (new customers to the application support service for a limited time only can take advantage of a 20% discount).  

If you would like to take on the build yourself but have our team on hand to support any queries or problems, then you may purchase time on an adhoc basis.


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