As a recognised Unit4 Systems Integrator partner, we provide experienced consultants across a wide range of clients to deliver solutions design, implementation, technical services, training, remote consultancy, Managed ERP support, integration services, reporting and post implementation/upgrade advice.

With our unique approach for offering an extensive range of end to end services, we are always seeking new ways to improve the customer experience and here at Embridge Consulting, we positively revel in stepping outside the box, challenging the status quo and discovering innovative new ways to complement and enhance our services.


Introducing Smart Solutions!

Smart Solutions from Embridge

Our Smart Solutions service has grown from a desire to provide our customers with packaged solutions that will deliver great results quickly without the expense of complex bespoke customisation. We have a set of pre-configured smart options that can be purchased for your implementation, with the aim to resolve minor but strategic issues in your organisation.

With our Unit4 accredited team of developers we can develop apps, small customisations and reporting solutions to give your business the edge.

With 10 to choose from and others just around the corner, we’re confident that at least one of our Smart Solutions is going to make your system work smarter.

We are currently looking for you, the customer to help come up with some creative ideas for our next Smart Solution! Do you have what it takes to be part of our Smart journey??

Smart solutions ideas
We want your ideas! And in return? We’re offering a John Lewis voucher for the best idea(s) that makes it through to development!


So what are you waiting for? Email smartsolutions@embridgeconsulting.com

Like to get a handle on what we have developed already? Visit https://embridgeconsulting.com/services/smart-solutions/

Join our free GCON4 webinar on 3rd October at 11.30 by registering at

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To implement one or more of our Smart Solutions for your own Unit4 Business World (Agresso) site including SharePoint Integration, Google Authenticator, Time sheet importer or Smart Reporting? Email enquiries@embridgeconsulting.com for more details.

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