Super High Levels of Process and decision automation in AP

Our smart API ready, SaaS AI platform connects client ERP & accounting systems to powerful Machine Learning models that use the client’s data to automate work in Finance.


Will Machine learning displace legacy technologies?


OCR has been embedded in the Accounts Payable process for a number of years, yet some may say that it is reaching the end of its useful life.

It’s clear that AI and machine learning is taking the world by storm, yet there is some reluctance to embrace the solution in many of our day to day processes. This is about to change says David Hammel of Kanbina “In our view Machine learning will displace these technologies over the next few years”.

Many organisations use OCR to capture data held within documents and then manually input it into your back-office AP or Invoice Automation solution.

Machine learning tools can enable entire processes in the finance department to be completely automated delivering finance transformation projects in a very short timescale compared to traditional programmes which can take up to a number of years to be realised.

The capability for machine learning to extract and move data across an end to end business process, match and executing with minimal human effort is the USP to the Embridge AI for Accounts payable solution powered by Kanbina.

In addition to the benefits of AI in finance, the core solution has been designed as an API ready architecture which can easily integrate with any ERP solution including Unit4 ERP. We’re holding a short webinar to demonstrate the key benefits on this technology on X. Join us and see how AI and Machine learning could revolutionise your finance and AP process at a fraction of the cost of your current outlay…

Download the paper: Finance AI versus RPA…

Kanbina is an AI innovator automating processes, decisions and fraud checks in Finance and Accounting.

Eradicating 90% of tasks (routine and complex), and demonstrating average opex savings of 70%, Kanbina enables Finance teams to focus less on transactional issues and more on Finance Business Partnering.

Our smart API ready, SaaS AI platform connects client ERP & accounting systems to powerful Machine Learning models that use the client’s data to automate work in Finance. Kanbina’s Machine Learning software reads your data, contextualises it, and via our API platform, unleashes the power of AI to execute end-to-end finance processes in your ERP… in any language.

A free 1-2-1workshop that delves into the challenges and pain points experienced in the Accounts Payable process and explains how AI technology can eliminate those issues and pain points.


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