5 Girls, 25 miles, Attitude & Young Epilepsy!
Big hearts and grand gestures run deep within the O’Brien household, none more so than Bonnie O’Brien, daughter to our very own CEO Emma O’Brien.
Devoted to her 8 year old brother Leo, who was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 3, Bonnie 15, set her mind on doing something amazing the moment initial lock down restrictions were lifted and decided to set about raising much needed funds for Young Epilepsy, the only charity in the UK dedicated to young people and their families living with the illness.
Not only does Bonnie have her mothers drive and determination, she has the same unnerving powers of subliminal persuasion!

Having set herself a challenge to walk 25 miles in one day, it wasn’t long before she had roped in 4 of her best pals to join her on this epic expedition, Ellen Jenkins, Charlotte Benson, Mia Pennington and Olivia Ray.

On April 24th the 5 girls set out from Erith, North Kent, with the sun on their backs and a fire in their bellies – final destination, The London Eye.

The trek was to take an arduous, blister busting 12 hours from start to finish, but with dogged support from proud parents and the invaluable stream of social media encouragement every step of the way (not forgetting plenty of fuel boosting snacks), the girls crossed the finishing line arriving at The London Eye exhausted, but victorious!

A tremendous achievement that has not only earned the girls a deserved spot in the local rag Kent On-Line but more importantly between them they have already raised a gargantuan sum of over £3,000 for Young Epilepsy.

To celebrate these inspirational young women Bonnie, Ellen, Charlotte, Mia and Olivia and their titanic triumph, you can make a donation towards Young Epilepsy here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/embridgeconsulting

Young Epilepsy is the ONLY charity in the UK to provide so many invaluable services for children suffering from epilepsy, including a helpline for parents, training for teachers and carers, support for teenagers in finding further education and work placements, plus much needed research into the debilitating condition.

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