​The Apprentice – YOU’RE HIRED!

2 years ago, Embridge dipped its toe tentatively, but positively into the apprenticeship market, a UK government initiative helping young people between 16-24 to take their first step up onto the employment ladder.

We were on the hunt for a young person who was local, motivated and ready to learn whatever we threw at them. In return, we were offering a fantastic training opportunity to the successful applicant while gaining good personable and employable skills over the coming months. At the end of the apprenticeship, if successful in meeting all the objectives/modules set out by the scheme and Embridge, they would be rewarded with a nationally recognised qualification, in this case a Business Administration qualification which could be built upon, including a further intermediate and higher level.

Our first unsuspecting and quiet as a mouse apprentice arrived in our offices way back in November 2015, Chloe Parfitt.

Whilst having high hopes for our young protégé, there were no guarantees that it was going to be a successful venture. Time and investment on our part carried a risk.

Roll on 18 months later and Chloe has superseded all expectations! She has stormed her courses and been rapidly collecting qualifications left right and centre as she met target after target.

Her success has seen her blossom from a timid school leaver into a confident, trustworthy, competent and valued member of the team, so much so, she has now embarked on her next adventure; shadowing and training within the Managed ERP team and getting her teeth stuck into our old friend Unit4 Business World.

Now at the tender age of 19, Chloe is having to relinquish her coveted throne and pass on the baton to our 2nd apprentice Millie Dean. At just 17, having gained a good foundation of work experience with Saturday jobs and summer work placements through school, Millie is already getting stuck in with the day to day duties and hot on the heels of Chloe.

MD, Emma O’Brien’s vision to introduce new blood, spot talent where others have overlooked it, nurture and ultimately offer REAL lucrative career paths to the next generation is coming to fruition and it is a scheme we are extremely proud to be a part of.

Here at Embridge we believe in diversity, change and growth and are super proud of our ever-growing workforce. Being able to give back to our local community and opening the doors of opportunity to those that deserve a chance, reflects our commitment to both our employees and our clients.

Move over Alan Sugar, coming through!
And by the way Chloe – YOU’RE HIRED!

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