Unit4 Connect 2017 recap

If anyone had told us that in 2017, Embridge Consulting was going to be the Unit4 Connect Headline sponsors, we would have probably given a little chuckle of disbelief.

There is little doubt that since the last Unit4 Customer Conference 18 months ago, Embridge has continued to grow exponentially, not only taking on major new clients but seeing the internal team grow over a whopping 50%! So, what better way to celebrate our growth and successes than by putting ourselves forward to become the Platinum Unit4 2017 Conference headline sponsor!

Scary? Nerve wracking? Nahhhh! Embridge loves a challenge! None so much than MD for Embridge Consulting, Emma O’Brien.

Following U4 CEO, Stephan Sieber’s opening speech on day one, Emma bit the bullet and climbed on stage to continue the discussion around the conference theme, ‘The future of work’ with a very personal and candid perspective surrounding her own 3 young children.

Calling them the “entitled generation”, Emma discussed how her children’s future will be affected by technological changes beyond our imaginings. Emma has already observed first hand that her children, including her 8-year-old son, are no longer satisfied with the speed of laptops and opt for the faster pace of tablets and mobile devices. Patience is a thing of the past with the desire for instantaneous info now being the everyday norm

Today’s technology is already shaping our children’s behavior for the future. The YouTube phenomenon is the modern goto encyclopedia for engaging advice, information, music, lessons and historical events, all at the click of a button. Tablets in primary school classrooms are already replacing textbooks.

So the speed of technology as we see it now is only a shadow of what we can expect over the next 15-20 years, which will inevitably shape our jobs and those of our children beyond recognition.

For those of you that are familiar with Embridge’s brand and approach, ‘shrinking violet’ doesn’t really spring to mind! With our emblazoned cerise pink Platinum stand, there was no chance of anybody missing us; like the cherry on the cake, we were the center piece of the sponsor hall, something that Great British Bake-off’s Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood would have been proud of!
And as always Embridge do like to cause a stir… well in the case of the Unit4 Connect 2017 it was more of a Cyclone…

Putting the fun aside, the conference, the biggest event in Unit4’s UK calendar, is a 2-day themed event covering a wide range of topics, new product launches, and informative sessions.

Over the two days, Embridge hosted a number of engaging sessions, from the future of digital learning through to simplifying the way you work with Business World – we hope that you found these both informative and useful.

Our partners Hireserve and Gcon4 were on hand to discuss their innovative solutions to help you deliver more efficiently on your own daily working lives.

Missed them?  Do not worry, we are going to be bringing these sessions to you via our Webinar series in 2018.


The team has had an amazing few days at the conference and now that the fun has taken a back seat, we are getting back to what we do best; delivering quality, cost-effective, timely & innovative services to our clients.

Demonstrating our continued commitment to process improvements and an evolving quality management system, we step up to our next challenge – our ISO9001 audit!

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