The UNIT4 Customer Conference 2012 was great. It was good to catch up with everyone and very exciting to hear some of the fantastic developments that are happening. For me, there were three key things to be taken away from the two days.

Firstly; the development of mobile applications which is critical for today’s business. I am pleased that this is being reflected seriously in Unit4’s product development roadmap. The existing Reports and Timesheet apps that are already available are a really good starting point. I am sure that it’s not only me that is looking forward to the business analytic apps that are planned for late Spring.

Secondly; ‘Agresso in the cloud’. There is such a hype about ‘the cloud’. What is ‘a cloud’ and what can be put in ‘the cloud’ often confuses people as to the advantages this may bring. This is the way in which many businesses will move forward, especially as our organizations are increasingly being managed across geographic regions as well as more remote workers. Reviewing costs and skills required to host solutions ‘in house’ are now being challenged as the security and the confidence in ‘the cloud’ continues to grow. I also think the concept of shared cloud services is fantastic. The ability for multiple organizations to share a single instance of Agresso has potentially huge cost savings and efficiencies. I will definitely be following-up this concept with some of our clients.

Thirdly, the keynote speaker Karen Brady was for me truly inspirational. As a working Mum myself; with two small children I know how hard it is to try and maintain that balance between managing and growing a successful business ( albeit Embridge Consulting is not quite Birmingham City or West Ham!) and juggling the day to day pressures of just being a Mum and of course not least of all a wife! Some excellent snippets of advice and inspiration that I will make sure I reflect in the way I continue to work with my team and my clients.

My presentation on the ‘big bang approach’ to HR implementation was received well and generated a lot of interest. If anyone would like to receive a copy of the presentation, or to follow up with me on a separate note please let me know.

So that’s about all from me for now – February is set to be another busy month with many exciting projects that continue moving forward. One in particular is the work I am doing with unit 4 on their global implementation solution. I look forward to keeping you up to date as to how this is progressing…

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