Where classroom training ends and a workshop begins

To train or not to train

It’s true that training is sometimes the last thing to be considered when rolling out a new IT project or upgrade and yet we know that training can make or break the success of the project, having a huge impact on the buy-in of your new system users.

But let us take this opportunity to understand where classroom training ends and a workshop begins…

Having an expert on site to work through system issues, bottle-necks and hands-on knowledge transfer, can, in fact, pay dividends over and above the need to further train your team on specific areas or modules.

So why should we consider a workshop over further training and when?

• A day with a consultant can work out more cost effective than several days training

• The session is very much tailored around the issues you face and whilst it’s not always possible to solve everything in a day it gives your team an excellent platform to take forward some of those troubleshooting tasks

• Directly sharing resolutions with the team responsible for the business area gives them confidence and the knowledge to solve issues long after the visit

• As experts, the consultants have experience of multiple system set ups and best practice procedures which can be shared and the knowledge transferred to your team

• One2One sessions can deliver specific training on areas that just need a quick recap, rather than spending a full day covering the whole module.

• Can be used to gather requirements for future projects with guidance and information from a consultant that has been there and got the t-shirt


“The workshop we did with Teresa was really to gather an understanding of requirements from the new wider user group, and develop some upload templates to assist with bulk loading of transactions. She also gave a brief overview of how the module is used and where to start troubleshooting.

It was useful for the team, to have the opportunity to be involved in gathering requirements and testing along with Teresa on site. It helped move the project on quickly under tight time constraints.”

Corporate Support Directorate, Public Sector

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