Savvy Holiday requests...

According to a recent research by TravelSupermarket, employees lost out on an average of 8.4 days annual leave in 2018, that’s more than 1.4million people here in the UK.  But what if there was a way to maximise booking a few days here and there to maximum gain…and take those trips you have always wanted to do.

In 2019, simply booking 9 days over Easter could equate to a vacation of around 18 days leave and it doesn’t stop there, book 7 days over the festive period and get a whopping 16-day break!!!

Just what you need to recharge those batteries…

In keeping with the “holiday” theme, I wanted to share with you an example of tickets raised on the support desk that Becky has received this week: 


We’ve been updating holiday balances for the New year, so employees can see their 2019 entitlement


Made adjustments to balances where employees may have more/less days to carry forward


Dealing with enquiries where employees think their entitlement is incorrect

So, what happens if your business system expert decides that he needs that long awaited break and goes off Skiing in the Alps and leaves you short on resource and expertise.  The last thing you need is for your internal tickets to back up, or worse still for someone to be locked out of the system.

This is where our Managed ERP can take that pressure off.   Ensuring continuous support for your Business World application as and when you need it and allowing for that savvy vacation request to be sanctioned.  We can manage those tickets, ensure that your users are managed, check for performance indicators that could result in issues.  What this utlimately means is:


Happy Team + Supported Business Systems = Happy Management!

MERP Support desk

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But our support offering doesn’t just end there, here’s a breakdown of some of the other areas we can assist with:

Support Desk

• Two levels of support including triage service and liaising with software vendor.
• Performance stats provided to management including recommendations for future training.

System Monitoring

• Monitor system processes, system inefficiencies and report queues with regular reviews of data integrity.

Upgrade Support

• Giving you access to the latest software developments and functionality.

User Management

• Creation and management of new users, roles and leavers.
• Providing remote and on-site training, user assistance and quick guides for new users.

Manage Processing

• For example; Timesheet, month end processes and reports or areas causing processing delays in workflow.

Remote Consultancy

• Provision of experienced consultants for functionality fixes, issues and minor report changes.

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Experience our Business World support for free via our online chat button (far right pink icon!)

Clients that trust us…

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service by knowledgable support consultants

“We moved to the Embridge support and cloud offering for U4BW last September. They provide their service in a very effective, friendly and professional way. The transfer was smooth and included an upgrade to version 7.2 without trauma”

“Embridge is a valued partner, continues to meet our expectations, and collaborate with us on our U4BW development journey.”

“Embridge have worked closely and effectively with our staff to implement the ERP project.  They have adopted a collaborative and partnership approach to dealing with issues as and when they arise.”

“They were quick to respond and help with any issues as they came up.  I found them extremely professional, they know their business and we were very impressed.”

Ski & Pole photo by Knut Bakke on Unsplash

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