Why consider Data Profiling as part of your ERP Transformation

Your data needs to be in tip top condition for a number of reasons.

One of the biggest issues in moving to a new business system is the failure to ensure that the data quality you are migrating is up to scratch. If it’s not then all you are doing is moving your data issues from one system to another and this will have a massive impact on the success of your new implementation.

Your data needs to be in tip top condition for a number of reasons and these include:

  • Improve business critical decisions based upon the analytics the data represents
  • Protect your reputation and prevent fines from regulatory bodies
  • Reduce costs associated with misinformation miscommunication from incorrect data.


Why use software to improve your data.

For a start it’s much quicker to use a tried and tested software solution to profile your data.  It really is the first step in data quality.

Software can identify problems in your data and provide a visual representation of those issues that can then be used to perform necessary cleansing, remove errors and duplications that ultimately is costing your business financially.

Not only can the software be used in a one off project such as an ERP implementation but as part of your ongoing data quality strategy.

Embridge Consulting has partnered with ids, a data quality and software testing organisation to add further value to a number of large scale implementation projects.

”iData is a tool that enables us to provide an automated way to transform data from legacy to new.  By building in your transformation and business rules into iData you are able to automate the transformation process which can be very time consuming to achieve, prone to error and lead to delays in the project if attempted manually.  

ids is a company that we at Embridge Consulting has partnered with providing the expertise in relation to the Data Transformation consultancy, supporting the set-up of iData and working with our customers to achieve this as part of the project.  IDS also has expertise in Test Automation and in particular Tricentis which is an industry leading Test automation tool.  Test Automation enables the testing process to happen in a much more automated fashion,  reducing manual testing processes and ensure all issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner.”

Emma O’Brien

CEO & Founder, Embridge Consulting

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