Your Unit4 ERP Forms Journey Starts Here!

Let Embridge take you on your next journey…. the journey of exploration of the Forms functionality within Unit4 ERP.

Forms makes it possible to convert paper-based forms into electronic forms. This is done by creating a user-defined attribute and attaching flexi-fields to them. Forms can be integrated with workflow and require approval before they are ‘live’. 

Administrators can create forms and make them available to specific users / roles. When users populate forms and submit them, they can be grabbed by workflow and routed accordingly. As administrators, you can keep track of all forms as well as submitted forms. 

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Let’s look at these areas in more detail:

Create Forms – Create dynamic online forms to digitise processes across HR, Payroll, Finance and Procurement. Did you know that Embridge has a catalogue of pre built forms available across finance and HR. These are just a few of the forms we have as part of our EVA package: Performance Appraisal; FTC Management; Establishment Change; Formal Disciplinary Warning.

Want to create your own, join our training course to learn how to create your Unit4 ERP forms.

Manage Approvals – Leverage workflow to manage form approvals. Embridge runs a Workflow for Beginners Course as well as an advanced Unit4 Workflow training course.

Archive Forms – Automatically archive a PDF copy of approved forms against the appropriate index and the secure document archive

Prepare for Automation – Get to grips with Unit4 ERP web services API’s in readiness for automating forms and extending the value of your ERP.

Deliver Automation – Automate the updates from forms using service call functions

Integrate externally – Integrate forms with external systems such as document management solutions and even automatic updates using the Unit4 Extension Kit

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