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Admin – Data Import

Create efficiencies in your Unit4 ERP data import processing by understanding the advantages of the available import tools.

Duration: 1 Day

Level | Getting Advanced

Create efficiencies in your Unit4 ERP data import processing by understanding the advantages of the available import tools.


Supporting data management policies which encourage consistency from the outset, this course will give you an understanding of the available Unit4 ERP data import tools enhancing your data entry across all modules, and enabling compliance with data protection and retention in the UK (in line with GDPR regulations).

The comprehensive course aimed at technical staff or super users of the Unit4 ERP will enable effective data maintenance, supporting structured transaction processing as expected of HMRC-recognised software.

Learning outcomes

The objectives of this course are to help you understand the different ways and reasons to import data in Unit4 for the purposes of:

  • Data Migration – To migrate/copy your data from your existing systems
  • Maintenance Tool – BAU (Business As Usual)
  • Integration Tool – A bridge between your non-Unit4 systems TO Unit4
  • How to use Batch Input Formatter (BIF)
  • How to use Excelerator
  • How to use Data load
Delegate pre-requisites

None – Introduction to Unit4

Who is it for?

  • Application Support
  • System Administrator

Interactive workshop with an experienced consultant. All Embridge Unit4 courses are currently delivered in English.

Course Structure

Session 1

Data Import Tools Overview

This session will provide you with an introduction to the data import tools within the Unit4 ERP toolkit:

You will cover:

  • Common Data Import Tools
  • Excel Work Sheets
  • Running the BIF Process
  • Running the Data Load Process
  • Comparison of BIF & Data Load
  • Running the Excelerator Process
Session 2

Introduction to the BIF (Batch Input Formatter)

This session with introduce you to the BIF, and the batch import processing elements needed to use this tool:

You will cover:

  • Importing Data using Batch Input6
  • Loading Customer Data Using
  • Writing your Data Import File
  • Running the Batch Input Process
  • Checking Maintenance of Batch Input
  • Checking the Customer Master Files
  • Loading a General Ledger Journal
  • Write the File to the Data Import Folder
  • Creating the Data File
  • Running the Batch Input Process
  • Checking the Loaded GL Transactions
  • Checking the GL Transactions
Session 3

Data import using the Excelerator add-in tool

This session will give you an understanding of the importing process using the Unit4 ERP add-in Excelerator.

You will cover:

  • Introduction to Excelerator
  • Using Postback
Session 4

Introduction to the Dataload tool

This session will give you an understanding of the Dataload tool which is a separate Unit4 module for importing data using standard system functions.

You will cover:

  • Importing Data Using Data Load
  • Loading Attribute Values
  • Create the New Attribute
  • Writing the Data Import File
  • Running the Data Load Process
  • Checking the Attribute Values
  • Importing Data into Flexi-Fields
  • Confirming the Flexi-Field Group Name
  • Creating the Schema / Control Sheet
  • Creating the Data Sheet
  • Completing the Flexi-Field Load
  • Importing Flexi-Fields

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Premium Education training is a people-centric approach to driving training and development by always learning; learning all ways. Our subscription-based training services gives the employee and employer a suite of Unit4 training allowing the flexibility to empower your employees for effective, efficient, and proficient use of technology and solution platforms at their fingertips.

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Loved the course size, the interaction and right amount of breaks.

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