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Unit4 Service Call Workshop

Explore how to leverage Unit4 Service Call functions to automate processes.

Duration: 1 Day

Level | Getting Advanced

Take the next step in your API journey and apply what we learned in the API workshop to creating service call functions.


Service call functions enable Unit4 ERP users to automate the update of data from ERP forms to ERP core data structures. Delegates will be learning how to configure and map flexi-fields to API properties and understand some of the nuances presented by this functionality.

Learning outcomes

A hands-on session that tackles a common use case, updating a supplier in ERP from a form. First you will understand the concept of a service call function and take a brief refresher on Unit4 web services and APIs before implementing the use case. The workshop also covers the limitations of service call functions, and when extension kit might be a more appropriate tool.

  • What is service call function and why do we use them and a brief overview of common use cases.
  • Step by step example how to configure a service call function and some of the common pitfalls that might be encountered.
  • How to use the service call function in workflow and some basic consideration when designing your processes.
  • How to troubleshoot issues when they occur.
  • What you can and can’t do when implementing service call functions and when you should use Extension Kit instead.
Delegate pre-requisites
  • Experience with Unit4 web services/APIs or will have attended the API workshop.
  • A postman account for API testing
  • Unit4 ERP workflow knowledge/experience
Who is it for?

• System Administrator
• Technical Support
• Application Support
• Application Consultant


Interactive workshop with an experienced consultant. All Embridge Unit4 courses are currently delivered in English.

Course structure

Session 1

A conceptual view of the service call function, so we understand how they present themselves within ERP and examine common uses cases.

Session 2

In this session we take a step back and quickly refresh on some of the key learning outcomes from the API workshop. If you have not taken the API workshop but have the experience developing around the web services, then this section will be straight forward.

Session 3

Here we will introduce two use cases (create new supplier, update existing supplier) that we will work through together, with a brief description of the requirement. We will run through some of the basic questions you should be asking yourself before you undertake any development. We’ll then do some testing in Postman before going through the setup of the service calls, while learning about some of the nuances around how Unit4 have designed the functionality. You will then implement your service call in workflow and test it to ensure it is working as expected.

Session 4

A brief overview of the limitations that service call presents and an explanation as to when and why the Unit4 Extension Kit is a better option.

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We decided that the API workshop provided by Embridge Consulting was an ideal platform to drive forward our initiatives for delivering more efficient integrations with our third party solutions. The workshop has enabled us to understand how best to harness new technology to replace legacy integration by using API technology.

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