Flexi-fields & Forms 

Flexi-fields in can be created and used in Web, however menu access in Web only gives permissions. We will use customer master file as an example. 

Flexi-fields are core to this flexibility, and as a functional concept, provide a set of tools which allows the user organisation to capture and record more data expanding their reporting capabilities and enhancing existing Unit4 ERP functionality (such as Data Control, Workflow, etc.). 

Forms makes it possible to convert paper-based forms into electronic forms. This is done by creating a user-defined attribute and attaching flexi-fields to them. Forms can be integrated with workflow and require approval before they are ‘live’. 

Administrators can create forms and make them available to specific users / roles. When users populate forms and submit them, they can be grabbed by workflow and routed accordingly. As administrators, you can keep track of all forms as well as submitted forms. 

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Course content…


Chapter 1 : Flexi-fields in Web


Chapter 3 : Forms


Chapter 5 : Form Enquiries and Reports


Chapter 2 : Flexi-fields in Desktop


Chapter 4 : Forms in Workflow


Excellent training provided; training manuals provided are to a very high standard.

The trainer was very knowledgable.

I found the course very informative and delivered in a very professional way. This is the first virtual course I done and I'm very impressed.

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