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PCB – Project Timesheets

Understand your planned assignments enabling easier maintenance and ensuring users have the right information to hand when completing their timesheet.

Duration: 1 Day

Level | Getting To Grips

Understand your planned assignments enabling easier maintenance and ensuring users have the right information to hand when completing their timesheet.


Recording accurate project time for your resources is a fundamental part of projects enabling you to speed up completion, and promote quicker project reporting, forecasting, and billing.

This one day course will give your users an understanding of the timesheet setup, entry and maintenance so you can facilitate easier processing, efficiently managing resource time and enabling you to stay on time and budget with your billable hours.

Learning outcomes

Gain an overview of timesheet entry and processing from within the Unit4 ERP PCB module.

Sessions cover:

  • An overview of the timesheet system and how it sits within the Project Costing and Billing (PCB) system
  • Setup required in order enter and process timesheets
  • Recording individual timesheets from an end user perspective
  • Timesheet maintenance
Delegate pre-requisites

Familiarisation – Project Costing & Billing (PCB – Projects)

Who is it for?

  • Project Administrator
  • Project Manager


Interactive workshop with an experienced consultant. All Embridge Unit4 courses are currently delivered in English.

Course Structure

Session 1


In this session you will gain an understanding of the Unit4 ERP timesheet process and how it sits within the project costing framework, considering the following components:

  • Project types
  • Resource types
  • Cost components
  • Cost categories
  • Hourly costs
Session 2

Timesheet Setup

In this session you will run through the steps necessary to setup timesheet entry in the Unit4 ERP including the common setup as well as project costs, time periods and work schedules.

Session 3

Timesheet entry

In this session you will understand the timesheet entry process to enable you to provide a consistent process to your user audience.

Session 4

Processing and Maintenance of Timesheets

In this session you will understand the operation of the processing and the maintenance of timesheets to enable a supported reporting and payment schedule.

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