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Record to Report (R2R) for Unit4 ERP

This foundation-level course comprehensively gives delegates a general understanding of the key fundamentals that underpin the core Unit4 Finance application.

Duration: 0.5 Days

Level | Getting Familiar

Enabling users to become familiar with standard Unit4 ERP processes and functions. Supporting self-sufficiency.


For new and existing users, this course provides an introduction to Unit4 Finance, covering how to navigate and use the solution, and providing an awareness of the 4 main application cornerstones, giving attendees a general understanding of the essential Unit4 components, such as transaction entry, reporting and workflow capability.

This knowledge will lay the groundwork for all types of training program to suit your corporate strategies e.g. an internal ‘train the trainer’ style approach, or as part of a formal training package that includes further advanced training on the core finance modules of GL, AP, AR, Fixed Assets, ensuring you maintain internal capability that provides resilience to your business planning initiatives.

Learning outcomes

Understand how the Unit4 cornerstones are applied throughout the solution through collaborative support and guidance covering learning for the following elements:

  • Unit4 ERP Introduction and Navigation
  • Unit4 Cornerstones
  • Currency and Tax
  • Setting Up the Unit4 ERP
  • Setting Up Periods and Transactions
  • Entering General Ledger Transactions
Delegate pre-requisites


Who is it for?

• AP Clerk
• AP Manager
• Requisitioner
• Procurement Clerk
• AR /SO Clerk
• Credit Controller
• GL Clark
• Bank Reconciliation Clerk
• Fixed Assets Clark
• Budget Administrator
• Management Accountant / Financial Analyst
• System Accountant


Interactive workshop with an experienced consultant. All Embridge Unit4 courses are currently delivered in English.

Course Structure

Session 1

Introduction and Navigation

This session of the training introduces you to the Unit4 ERP solution and gives a high level overview of how to navigate the system enabling you to actively participate and supporting all further sessions and any additional courses.

Session 2

Unit4 Cornerstones

Part 1: This session of the training introduces you to the Unit4 ERP cornerstones that are at the heart of how Unit4 ERP works and its capabilities.

The areas it will explain are:

• Attributes
• Relations
• Account Rules
• Balance Tables

Currency and Tax

Part 2: This session of the training shows you how Unit4 ERP handles and uses currencies and tax code, and how to set them up and use.

The areas it will explain are:

• How currency is managed
• Creating company currencies and exchange rates
• How tax / VAT is managed
• How to create tax / VAT codes

Session 3

Setting up the Unit4 ERP

This session of the training shows you how the Unit4 ERP business model is built to support companies accounting and reporting requirements when posting (and reporting) on transactions. This forms the basis of the entire company’s ‘financial health’ and all transactions entry and reporting – to its shareholders and to financial authorities.

The areas it will explain are:

• Attributes
• Relations
• Account rules
• Account groups
• Chart of Accounts

Session 4

Setting Up Periods and Transactions

This session of the training shows you how to setup periods and transactions prior to posting General Ledger transactions in Unit4 ERP.

The areas it will explain are:

Periods Setup and Setting Up:

• Transactions series
• Transaction types
• Posting cycles

Session 5

Entering General Ledger Transactions

This session of the training shows us how to enter General Ledger transactions and test the new Unit4 ERP build.

It will cover entering General Ledger transactions to confirm:

• Direct relations
• Indirect relations
• Value matrix

Premium Education training subscription

Part of the College of Finance

Premium Education training is a people-centric approach to driving training and development by always learning; learning all ways. Our subscription-based training services gives the employee and employer a suite of Unit4 training allowing the flexibility to empower your employees for effective, efficient, and proficient use of technology and solution platforms at their fingertips.

More details about Premium Education will be coming soon. Watch this space!

In the mean time if you would like to know more email enquiries@embridgeconsulting.com

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All courses are delivered virtually, price per person plus VAT. On site training is available on request. Please read our cancellation policy and booking terms and conditions before checkout.


*Interactive workshop with an experience consultant. Select the number of attendees above. Course is delivered virtually and the price is plus VAT. By booking, you agree to our Terms & Conditions. An invoice with details on how to pay will be sent to your registered email address.

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