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Unit4 Bank Reconciliation

Understand and use the Unit4 ERP Bank Reconciliation module to enable clearer management and maintenance of matching and reconcilation processing

Duration: 0.5


This half day course comprising of seven easy to understand sessions will provide users with clear insight of the Unit4 ERP Bank Reconciliation module enabling them to easily manage and maintain your processing, gaining greater efficiencies for:

  •  Importing Bank Statement
  • Automatic Matching
  • Manual Matching
  • Match Maintenance
  • Cashbook Maintenance
  • Reconciliation Confirmation
  • Enquiries

Learning outcomes

Learn how:

Unit4 Bank Reconciliation works and how to use it.

The objectives of the course are to help you gain a better understanding of the Bank Reconciliation module enhancing your reconcilation and matching processes:

  •  Unit4 ERP Bank Reconciliation basic structure and processes
  • The automatic matching, auto posting and manual matching processes
  • How matched items and cashbook can be maintained
  • How to process the reconciliation confirmation
  • How to run enquires within the Bank Reconciliation module

Delegate pre-requisite

Familiarisation – Record to Report (R2R) Finance.

Who is it for?

The majority of people who attend this course tend to be in these types of roles:

  • Bank Reconciliation Clerk.

Course Structure

Session 1

Bank Reconciliation Overview

This session provides an understanding of the Bank Reconciliation module in the Unit4 ERP to allow users to reconcile bank statements against the balances for the bank shown on the cashbook payments / receipts in the General Ledger.​

Session 2

Bank Reconciliation Setup and Processing

In this session you will gain an understanding of the Unit4 ERP Import bank statement process. You will learn about:

o Importing Bank Statements
o Manually entering bank statements

Session 3

Cashbook Maintenance

This session looks at how to perform maintenance of the cashbook. You will learn the following:

o Bringing in items missing from the cashbook from the General Ledger postings to appropriate bank account
o How items can be removed / deleted from the cashbook
o How the cashbook balances screen works

Session 4

Understanding Matching options

This section of the training goes through the automatic cashbook matching process as set up on Unit4 ERP.

The areas it will cover are:

  •  Review of the match code set up
  • Automatic Matching
  • Bank Account reconciliation
  • Manual Matching
  • Match Maintenance

Session 5

Reconciliation Confirmation

This session covers how to run the Reconciliation Process and the updates performed.

  •  Run the bank reconciliation process
  • How to check the output and make amendments
  • Historic Match Maintenance

Session 6

Bank Reconciliation Enquiries

This session covers how to perform Bank Reconciliation enquiries on cashbook and statement items as well as enquiries on reconciled, matched and unmatchable items.

  •  Cashbook and Statement header and detail enquiries
  • Reconciliation enquiry
  • Matched, not matchable and unmatched items


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