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Unit4 Extension Kit Enablement

Explore Unit4’s low-code tool to facilitate integration.

Duration: 2 Days

Level | Getting Advanced

The Extension Kit workshop is designed to empower participants with knowledge and practical skills in utilising their Extension Kit, Unit4’s people platform service.


Extension Kit offers a platform for automating workflows and streamlining business processes. Delegates will gain hands-on experience, using their own extension kit, enabling them to harness the full potential of this powerful tool. We will require extension kit to be enabled, and provided access beforehand so we can do some basic preparation.

Learning outcomes

An interactive session that shows you real life use cases for some of the most popular functions available in Unit4 Extension Kit that supports automation, data transformation and integration. The workshop will cover navigating the Extension Kit, an overview of flows, tasks, triggers, and actions. We provide guidance around metrics and service limits before getting into practical yes simple examples before moving on to some more advanced concepts. You’ll also be given useful links to documentation available from Unit4.

  • How users are created and managed in Extension Kit.
  • Parameters and how they are used.
  • The ways in which flows can be triggered and understanding the message hub.
  • Understanding of the most popular/used actions, with hands-on examples.
  • What the fair use policy is and how this might impact on how flows are designed.
  • Proficiency in developing flows by following real world examples of automating workflows, including chaining multiple flows together.
Delegate pre-requisites
  • Good technical and functional understanding of Unit4 ERP, including an understanding or experience consuming Unit4 APIs (attendance at Embridge API workshop minimum)
  • Understanding of JSON and XML file structures
  • A Postman account for API testing
  • IDS/Extension kit enabled on your Unit4 Test environment (with quality data available)
  • Consultant access enablement
Who is it for?

• System Administrator
• Technical Support
• Application Support
• Application Consultant


Interactive workshop with an experienced consultant. All Embridge Unit4 courses are currently delivered in English.

Course structure

Session 1

We start by familiarising ourselves with the look and feel of Extension before delving into some of the supporting feature. We look at the invitation/request process for being setup as a user and what the different user roles mean. Then a brief overview of parameters and how they can save us time.

Session 2

In this session we talk about the three types of triggers: message hub events, scheduled events and webhooks and a brief talk through the configuration of each. We then do the same around the commonly used actions such as making HTTP requests, Liquid scripting, Iteration, document conversion and JavaScript/XSLT.

Session 3

Before we get into the practical, we look at the service limits in place, which is important to know when designing flows, we want to be as efficient as possible, but we don’t want to inadvertently exceed the fair use policy!

Session 4

The first exercise, we look at real time automation where we extract purchase order data and sending the data to external system. Become more familiar with the message hub and see how we combine multiple steps to prepare our final extract.

Session 5

Another simple hands-on lab, this time we learn how we can use Extension kit to automate forms, and where this might be more appropriate than service call function. Here we introduce iteration, and we implement the for-each loop and how we might start to think about introducing some error handling.

Session 6

This session introduces some of the more advanced concepts as we move away from low/no code to having a look at how we can manipulate data using Liquid, JavaScript and XSLT.

Session 7

Our next practical example applies one of our advanced topics. We extend our purchase order example by solving a limitation we have in our first version, where we introduce Liquid scripting, which includes creating variables, foreach loops, mathematical operators, and string concatenation.

Session 8

We now look at XSLT by extracting supplier data and creating a CSV file for an external system to consume. This shows us some alternatives to when a system we are integrating with doesn’t have API capability.

Session 9

Our final session looks at chaining flows, which is useful when we want to break down our complex flows into smaller digestible functions. We use our form example from session 5 and consider how we can implement it in a different way and use chaining of flows.

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We decided that the API workshop provided by Embridge Consulting was an ideal platform to drive forward our initiatives for delivering more efficient integrations with our third party solutions. The workshop has enabled us to understand how best to harness new technology to replace legacy integration by using API technology.

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