Year End Payroll for Unit4 Business World

Year End Payroll for Unit4 Business World – Designed to provide you with all the steps required to process your U4BW (Agresso) UK Payroll module from one Payroll year to the next.  With focus on closing your year end successfully, final transmissions, reconciliation and reporting.  The loading and setup of the new Payroll year and the understanding of the new Payroll year elements.

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Duration : 1 day

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yearend-payroll for business world

Course content…


Chapter 1 : Course overview


Chapter 3 : Implementing Changes for 2020 to 2021

  1. Completing the old Payroll year
  2. Creation of Payroll Periods
  3. Files required for new year
  4. Database Scripts and Installation of Files
  5. Moving of install files
  6. Updating Tax Codes
  7. Updating Tax Bands
  8. Resetting U balances
  9. Updating NI Bands
  10. Updating SSP Rates
  11. Creating a new lower rate for SMP, OSPP, ASPP and SAP
  12. New Student Loan Rates and Thresholds
  13. Generating work schedules
  14. Updating Report Variants
  15. Updating Enquiry Templates
  16. Re-set custom balances

Chapter 5 : Real Time Information

  1. Full Payment Submission
  2. Employer Payment Submission
  3. PRU21 Output
  4. Earlier Year Update
  5. NINO Verification Request

Chapter 2 : Summary of Changes

  1. Reports
  2. National Insurance
  4. SSP
  5. Tax Allowance and Bands
  6. Plan 1 Student loans
  7. Plan 2 Student loans
  8. Paper Sizes
  9. Key Dates

Chapter 4 : Processing

  1. Data and Formulas
  2. P11D Deduction Working Sheet
  3. Employers Payment Record
  4. P6
  5. Loading P11D Year End
  6. Car Details
  7. P11D reference generation
  8. Entering Benefits
  9. P11D data load
  10. Electronic P11D

Chapter 6 : Functionality Changes for 2020

  1. Statutory Bereavement Leave
  2. New release items from Unit4, pending release.


Excellent training provided; training manuals provided are to a very high standard.

The trainer was very knowledgable.

I found the course very informative and delivered in a very professional way. This is the first virtual course I done and I'm very impressed.

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