Unit4 Business World 7.5 released

In December 2019 Unit4 announced the release of its 5th update to Unit4 Business World Spring 2016.  This update has provided a number of new features along with resolutions for a number of know issues including updates to experience packs.

Updates and new features of Business World 7.5:

The most recent Experience pack releases are Expenses 5.3.1 and Absences 4.0 for version 7 Spring 2016 and Requisitions 2.0.1 for version 7.

Updates to Financial and HRMS are as follows:


  • New menu entries in Business World Web
  • The server processes SEPA Payments (SU11S) and ISO Payments (SU11I) have been made available in Unit4 Business World web client. You will find them under a new foldercalled Payment files processing in the Accounts Payable section. The functionality of these processes is the same as in desktop client.



  • Five new custom columns in server processes for payroll transactions

This feature affects the following server processes:

  • Payroll proposal (PR01)
  • Payment confirmation (PR02)
  • Payslip printout (PR16)

This feature introduces the following changes:

  • Adding five new columns (description1 – 5) into the aprhistr, aprtrans, and aprpaytrans database tables.
  • Adding five new custom columns (description1 – 5) to an aprpaysliphistr table.

You can now extend the Payment proposal enquiry by the new columns available in the Miscellaneous category. Also, you can extend Object Payroll transactions by those columns that can be selected in Additional information.

For a list of fixed issues in Business World 7.5 visit here

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